a0011290_113012.jpg■Britain's young people are being "brain-washed" の続き

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■BBC - 1Xtra - TX - Scor-Zay-Zee: Going too far?

♪Scorzayzee - Great Britain mp3
"he's no tupac "

---Navy K
"This is pure reality.
This song is a real hip hop song.
It's not about pimp nor players it's about real life "

"Listen to them. This is what hip hop needs more than
anything else...some political rap.
We all love the party, we all love the shine, the boasts, the beefs etc,
but hip hop has always been the artform than speaks out
when all others stay quiet and play the corporate game. "

この妙な英国人の hip hop の方が百倍おもろい。
by gangster007 | 2004-04-11 01:06 | FREEMASON
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