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Try reincarnation therapy
■ Chronic illness? No cure? Try reincarnation therapy
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[Health India]: Kathmandu, Nov 19
Pieter Langedijk は、彼が「リインカネーション・セラピー」






Pieter Langedijk Institute


KATHMANDU (Indo-Asian News Service) - It is a therapy that involves taking a peep into your previous life to cure chronic illnesses and pains plaguing you now.

Pieter Langedijk, a 72-year-old Dutch psychotherapist, flies from Europe to Asia to practise what he calls as reincarnation therapy -- stuff that could well be meant for films and fiction.

The former chemist at a Philips laboratory in Eindhoven who attended night school and university to study clinical psychology and the paranormal sciences finds nothing incredulous about it.

"People often suffer from pains which have no apparent cause," he says. "These are usually problems associated with their past lives. When they are taken back there, the pain dogging them for years is cured in half an hour."

Like the 50-year-old woman who he says came to him with the complaint of a terrible pain in her right leg.

"Doctor," said the distressed woman, "sometimes I lose use of my leg. I feel I have become a cripple."

"Did you ever have any accident?" he asked her. "Never," she replied.

So he decided to take her back to her past life. It's a combination of hypnotism and relaxation. He intones commands and goes on repeating them, inducing drowsiness. The heartbeat slows down, the brain starts producing slow waves and the patient is open to suggestions.

He asks the patient to see "pictures" and clicks his fingers. The patient sits up straight.

"I am lying on the floor of a hovel," she says dreamily. "I feel younger but am unable to move."

Then she goes into convulsions. "Someone is trying to strangle me," she cries. And the mystery of the strange pain is solved.

"In a past life, she was the 20-year-old crippled daughter of poor parents who could not look after her and had her killed," says Langedijk. "After her moment of fear, she told me she was in a beautiful place with sunshine around her. I commanded her to go back there and imbibe the cosmic energy for healing. And she was cured."

It does not bother the psychotherapist that many people scoff at theories of reincarnation.

"Perhaps it is fantasy but it helps," he says serenely. "I regard past lives as a floppy disk that is the entrance to the hard drive of mind."

Often, he says, incidents from previous life are borne out by hard facts, like in the case of the young teacher who suffered excruciating stomach pain.

Under trance, he went back to 1942 when he was a Roman priest being beaten to death by a Nazi soldier in a concentration camp.

"Three weeks later," Langedijk says, "he went to a border town he had never been to before. Yet he recognised the church there immediately and an old photograph hanging on the wall. The resident priest said it was an old monk killed by the Nazis. Then he looked again at the young man and said, 'Why, you could be his son.'"

Langedijk has practised his reincarnation therapy on himself too.

He says he has been a priest in different cultures. Now on his fourth trip to Nepal, where he has also been holding psychotherapy sessions, he says he had been a priest in a Nepalese town.

His Nepalese acquaintances identified the town from his description as a village 40 km away from Kathmandu.

Langedijk has written 35 books but they are all in Dutch. Five have been translated into English but are yet to be published.

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