Psychic Claims Aliens Control The Media
■Psychic Claims Aliens Control The Media
2004-09-13 - Wireless Flash Weird News [NCBuy Weird News]

  ( 米国民主党を代表とするliberals=リベラリストが
   メディアを支配しているのではない )

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- It's not the liberals who control the media -- it's the aliens.

That's the claim of San Diego clairvoyant Amirah Hall, who says she has sensed aliens far beyond our galaxy who are attacking humans with negative energy through TV and radio waves.

Hall claims these aliens are so advanced, they've developed past the need of physical bodies.

サンディエゴの遠隔透視者(千里眼能力者) Amirah Hall の主張。
まあ未だに SETI だの NASA だの アインシュタイン だのに
こだわっている一般人(Beast of Burden)には、理解不能の内容ではある。

[NCBuy Weird News 2004-09-13 ]

She says they're "dripping waves of fear and chaos" into broadcasts to keep humans off their path. She says their goal is to "keep our planet from evolving to where it should be."

What's even more spacey, is the reason they're doing it: Because they can.

Hall admits it sounds simplistic and "Star Warsy," but it's a big game to them, a battle of dark versus light.

There's help though. She says using "grounding" techniques -- like imagining that a rope coming from your tailbone is tethered to the center of the earth -- will help humans wake up and realize they're being influenced.

by gangster007 | 2004-09-16 21:11
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